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The College Clan Project was founded on 19.08.2013 by five friends from Germany. They started with a little Teamspeak Hosting Program, where friends met friends to play their Games. After a long time we decided to create our own servers and open this Gaming Community.

We are ONE big happy family

There's a wonderful place which called The College Clan. And it's only a dream away. And the moment you get to The College Clan. You'll forget about today. You'll be walking on clouds, You'll forget every care, And your troubles, like bubbles, will vanish in air. Ask me how do you get to The College Clan. Close your eyes, make a wish and you're there.

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Posted by: Style - 04-04-2017,02:39 PM - Forum: News - Replies (1)

Dear People's of tomorrow...

We are sad informing you, we are going to close our Community soon.

Actually we have since several month payment problems and cannot keep College Clan alive with our own hand anymore.
That means we need to close it down.

If anyone wanna help us out by donating to College Clan, it will help us alot.

Please Donate to our PayPal with the E-Mail paypal@collegeclan.de

You can also send money by post, please contact Style personally for the adress.

Also we are going to sell adminship.
-> 30 € per month and you get full admin access to all of our servers

Also we are going to open server hosting! So if anyone want to get his own CoD4 Server, contact us and we get a deal.

Also dont forget, we've got a VIP Package for our Zombie Server! Get more infos on collegeclan.de

Since six years we have college clan. Since four years we are hosting our own Clan. And it became our own little happy family...

~ Your sincerly Founder and Owner of College Clan
- homer & Style

Thank you.

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  Server crash due Update! CC' Offline for the next 10 hours
Posted by: Style - 29-03-2017,06:59 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Hello everyone,

as you all noticed our Servers are offline since yesterday. Reason is a update of the head of the cod4x Team. They released a update which I have to install at first.
Today in the evening I'll be back online and make sure, its all coming back online.

We are temp offline for the next 10 to 12 hours. But I'll make sure,




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Servers list - =|TCP|= College Clan
No.: Status: Type: Server name:
1 Online =|TCP|= College Clan ts3.collegeclan.de:9987 3/100 - 3 % - - -
2 Online =|TCP|= [★] Moonlight Clan [★] ts3.collegeclan.de:9988 7/100 - 7 % - - -
3 Online |CC'| #1 Team-Deathmatch Hardcore High XP - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28900 0/53 - 0 % mp_vacant
4 Online |CC'| #2 Search & Destroy Hardcore High XP - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28910 0/53 - 0 % mp_convoy
5 Online |CC'| #3 Free For All - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28920 0/53 - 0 % mp_killhouse
6 Online |CC'| #4 High Jump Dom High XP - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28930 0/53 - 0 % mp_shipment
7 Online |CC'| #5 Party Server - All Perks/Weapons by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28940 0/43 - 0 % mp_citystreets
8 Online |CC'| #6 Scope Only - Only Sniper/No Marty/No LS by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28950 0/43 - 0 % mp_citystreets
9 Online |CC'| #7 Crossfire Hardcore - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28960 0/53 - 0 % mp_crossfire
10 Online |CC'| #8 Killhouse Softcore - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28970 4/43 - 9 % mp_killhouse
11 Online |CC'| #9 Broadcast Hardcore - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28980 0/33 - 0 % mp_broadcast
12 Online |CC'| #10 Creek FFA Softcore - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28990 0/33 - 0 % mp_creek
13 Online |CC'| #11 Low Gravity FFA - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28905 7/23 - 30 % mp_backlot
14 Online |CC'| #12 Crash Only - No Marty No LS No GL by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28915 0/53 - 0 % mp_crash_snow
15 Online |CC'| #13 Zombies TWD by www.collegeclan.de cod4.collegeclan.de:28925 30/64 - 47 % mp_fnrp_power_station
16 Offline |CC'| #14 cod4.collegeclan.de:28935 0/0 - 0 % - - -
    Total servers: 16     Total players: 51     Total slots: 800     Total empty slots: 749     Percent players: 6 %     Record players: 331