» Welcome to the College Clan Offical Website

Welcome to the College Clan

Here are some Links for you!

- College Clan Offical Team Speak 3 --> ts3.collegeclan.de

- College Clan Offical Forum --> www.forum.collegeclan.de

- College Clan Offical Banlist --> www.banlist.collegeclan.de

- College Clan Offical XLR Stats --> www.xlrstats.collegeclan.de

- College Clan server overview --> www.serverview.collegeclan.de

- College Clan Shoutbox --> www.shoutbox.collegeclan.de

Have Fun, with your College Clan

Have fun with the College Clan! =)

Copy and paste it into your CoD 4 Console and have fun on the CC' Server

Fast XP + All Maps --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28900
Ship House --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28910
X/fire Broadcast --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28920
Crash Only --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28930
Hardcore --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28940
Close Combat --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28950
High Jump + Oldshool --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28960
Sniper Only --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28970
Shotgun Only --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28980
Custom Maps --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28990
Reign of the Undead --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28905
No Noob's --> /connect cod4.collegeclan.de:28915